Is it color rather than black anodized or WorksFinish?

Does a Liteville necessarily need to be black anodized or WorksFinish?
No, it does not as Aluminum is the perfect basis for a later customization. You have the choice between three ways of coloring your frame, namely powder coating, painting or anodizing.

No matter the choice you make, the frame needs to be dismounted professionally including the removal of the frame bearings. This is why we recommend to have your frame being colored via your Liteville retailer who has the specific tools for the frame as well as approved addresses for the actual powder coating, painting or anodizing job.

Plain or multi color?

Plain or multi color?

Being dismounted, the Liteville full suspension frame consists of three main parts: the main frame, the rear frame (including chain stays and seat stays) and the RockerArms (left and right swing arm).

Whether you want your frame to be painted with different colors or even with individual color gradients on the main frame is up to your fantasy, your taste and courage.

With the Liteville 301 frame as a pattern, you can choose between 100 RAL colors online to experience how your color combination would turn out in reality and how this combines with colored rims or a colored fork. The color configurator is an Adobe Flash Application and is thus not available on Apple iPads and iPhones.

Color Configurator

Main frame

The main frame consists of the top tube, the down tube, the seat tube and the steering tube.

The main frame connects both the RockerArms and the rear frame and is thus equipped with the frame bearings. These bearings need to be taken out of the frame before the paint job.

Rear frame

The rear frame consists of the seat stays and the chain stays. The left- and righthand chain stay are connected with a bracing stay. The same is true for the chain stays. The seat and chain stays need to be disconnected at the Horst Link bearing. These bearings also need to be taken out of the frame before the paint job.


The RockerArms also have a bearing inside that needs to be taken out. On top of this, the model designation (e.g. 301) has been milled into the Aluminium. The shiny optics get lost as the frame is anodized. When powder coated or painted, the model designation can be covered.

The logo

In order for you to adapt the size and/ or color of your Liteville logo, we provide you with a Vektor-PDF below. Whether you like it as an Outline or Solid, big or small, you name it!
Logo download

Powder coating

Liteville frames are entirely made from Aluminum and are thus perfectly suitable for powder coating as this coloring procedure requires the frame material to conduct electricity.

The colors can be chosen almost from the entire RAL color scheme, the finish can be matt or shiny. Adding a logo is no problem.

Since material is added to the frame, the overall frame weight increases by 200 to 300 g.

Anodizing means that the Aluminum frame is covered with a super thin protection layer as a result of anodic oxidation of the frame surface. The 5 to 25 micrometer layer protects the frame against corrosion. The frame weight does not alter as no additional material is added.

Logos can be glued to the frame or added with a laser.

The surface of our black anodized frames is treated with a “metal ball sandblast” in order to compress the surface before the actual anodizing. The bearing sockets are milled into the frame only thereafter.

Anodizing a frame, the thickness of the layers is altered. If a frame is anodized as an aftermarket service, an extra protection of the bearing sockets is not possible. In general, anodizing a frame is very sophisticated and should be done by experienced companies exclusively.

The finest color transitions, the most exhilarating color effects can be realized with a classic paint job. It is the coloring of choice in case you want to synchronize the colors, for example, of carbon fiber components and of the frame itself. Painting does not require the material to conduct electricity but simply needs to adhere the color properly. Adding a logo is not a problem.

The result of a common paint job is about as thick as the one of a powder coating, yet it is not as durable. The overall weight increases by 200 to 300 g.