Liteville 4-ONE Mk1

One for all - the 4-ONE is meant to cover a maximum of application range: as a gravel bike, a cross bike or an everyday bike with the option to make it a travel bike thanks to several interfaces for carriers. With regard to design, ergonomics and engineering, we have successfully incorporated our knowledge of both designing mountain bikes and road bike components in the all-new 4-ONE.

Liteville H-3 Mk3

The 301 among hardtail mountain bikes. It is as versatile and flexible as our 301 and thus our direct answer to the desire for a timeless and purist bike with genuine Liteville genes.

Liteville 301 Mk15.3

The Liteville 301 Mk15 is the consequent yet uncompromising evolution of our several times test winner. With the all-new Linear Steering geometry we have been able to further increase the agility with a more flat steering angle in combination with a bigger diameter front wheel. DuoLink and LevelTune allow for the usage of both 27.5" and 29" wheels in one single frame, with no compromises at all. 

Liteville 601 Mk4

Super Enduro and test winner: everything between extended tours, vertriding and enduro races, this bike knows how to convince with a class-leading chassis yet no weight restrictions. The 601 combines the low weight and pedaling efficiency of a fast touring bike with the performance of an Enduro bike and the speed of a downhill machine.

Thanks to the most energy efficient rear frame design of its class as well as the optimized climbing geometry, the 601 convinces even on uphill sections.

IMPORTANT: The 601 Mk4 is not part of LitevilleĀ“s lineup for 2020. You can use the dealer search to find dealers who still have it in stock.