Scaled Rearend

Scaled Rear End

The picture displays the Scaled Rar End as it is found on a 301 Mk15.

In order to preserve the agility of 27.5" and 29" wheels, unnecessarily lengthening the chain tubes was taboo. We needed clearance where there was none so far: in the area of the swing arm bearing and the seat tube. We have consequently moved the seat tube towards the front and thus created space by unusual yet all-new and innovative solutions. The 301 Mk15 is prepared for 27.5" and 29" wheels offering an unprecedented degree of agility for big diameter wheel mountain bikes. 

Super Yoke
SuperYoke & Wide Pivot (Int. pat. pend)*

We have put a lot of effort into the details of the swing arm and the main frame in order to create space for big diameter rear wheels. The results is a solution without an extra crossbar and a perfect cable routing.

In addition to the new SuperYoke we have moved the V-shape swing arm bearing outwards.

* SuperYoke and Wide Pivot is currently also incorporated in the design of the top models of Specialized.
Seat Tube Offset
Seat Tube Offset

A seat tube with an ergonomically correct seat angle restricts the construction space. As opposed to the solution of our competitors that simply alter the seat angle until it actually fits in one single seat height only, we have moved the entire seat post towards the front. The seat angle remains the same. The solution for two decisive problems was necessary: 

Despite the fact that the seat tube does not end directly in the bottom bracket, the well-known stiffness of Liteville frames had to be preserved or even be increased. Additionally and in order to have riders sit ergonomically correct, the seatpost had to feature an offset that levels out the front movement of the seat tube. 

The dropper post features a setback of 23 mm and thus compensates the offset of the new seat tube position.  This is how the saddle is positioned perfectly with regard to the position of the bottom bracket and - thanks to the unaltered seat tube angle - regardless of the extension position of the dropper post.

More setback = more lever. The result is that higher forces are transferred into the seatpost. For normal seatposts with a common tube wall strength, this does not work in the long run. 

In cooperation with EIGHTPINS, we were able to design a seatpost with a bigger diameter tube that copes with the forces successfully and offers as much as 220 mm of travel. The big diameter seatpost complements perfectly with the oversize tubes of the Liteville as well as the plain optics and the internal cable routing.

The result

- super agile and yet stable riding performance
- more rolling comfort for the rear wheel
- slightly improved tackling of obstacles with the rear wheel
- great control in tricky situations thanks to wide front tires
- faster and easier weight shifting towards the rear wheel
- even with 2.6˝ tires, there is plenty space left for dirt and mud