EIGHTPINS dropper seatpost

The next evolutionary step with integrated seat posts.
More stroke. No shortening. Quick and easy height adjustment with large adjustment band width.

The seat tube of the bicycle frame becomes the immersion tube and housing of the Eightpins seat post. The thick continuous standpipe fits seamlessly into the design of the bike. The large overlap between seat post and frame as well as the large tube diameter ensure low wear and low service forces. The Eightpins sliding guide in combination with the outer sleeve for sealing and lubrication ensure long reliable operation. Dirt is effectively prevented and an oil bath lubricates the seat post reliably.

Good bye saddle clamp

For 120 years, seat posts were clamped into the bicycle frame. With the Eightpins Postpin thru axle that has an end. The positive connection between frame and seat post holds the seat post in place and prevents it from twisting. Important components are not crushed and the function is not affected.

Less is more

The EIGHTPINS seat post uses the frame of the mountain bike as a housing and therefore requires only a single tube for telescoping. This construction reduces the components to the bare essentials and thus saves weight, while at the same time increasing stability. With the Postpin mounting system the seat post is fixed with a thru axle directly in the frame above the bottom bracket.

Lowering without deflection

Performance should not stop in front of a telescopic seat post on a mountain bike. Two features make the NGS2 seat post unique in function and feel. A pure gas pressure spring with linear design provides minimal counterforce when lowering the seat post and the patented Eightpins snap-in technology snaps in precisely with a clear haptic feedback at the desired height. This ensures minimal distraction on the trail.

Matching every body size

A lot of stroke turned into more stroke. The NGS 2 seat post offers up to 258mm lift in the XXL version and the XS version also offers 168mm lowering. This offers 99% leg length coverage and gives a lot of freedom of movement for difficult downhill passages where the saddle often stands in the way. For the correct adjustment of the saddle height, each seat post provides between 102mm and 132mm adjustment width, depending on the size. The frame of the bike and the seat post grow together.

Travel & extension

The maximum travel depends on the frame height. As the height adjustment is independent from the travel adjustment, all riders may find their preferred setup without the need to exchange the seatpost itself.

Mechanical locking

The mechanical locking combines precise adjustment possibilities, low weight and high stability. The system connects the seatpost with the cartridge quickly and securely in the desired position. The small step adjustment makes possible a locking every 6 mm within the entire travel and thus allows for the right saddle height for every imaginable riding situation.

Lift proof

Different from common hydraulic constructions, the bike can be lifted or hung up even as the seatpost is lowered. The mechanical locking will not let down your bike. 

Adjust and Go

Setting the correct saddle height has never been so easy. Simply sit on the bike and adjust the desired height using the lowering lever. Then dismount and turn the height adjustment knob up and down with a small Allen key. That's it.

No more complete exchange
No more compromises in the design of saddle heights and seat post strokes! The Eightpins seat post can be easily adapted to all needs. The seat post no longer needs to be replaced in the trade or at the customer's due to too much or too little stroke and or total length.

No more shortening necessary
The Eightspins seat post tubes have a specific length for each size. This means that the seat post no longer has to be shortened. This makes the Eightpins system the first integrated telescopic seat post system that does not have to be adjusted to the rider's size by sawing.