Syntace X-12 thru axle 

 X-12 thru axle as found on a 301 Mk15.
X-12 thru axle as found on a 301 Mk15.

Every Liteville comes with the Syntace patent X-12 thru axle design. 
It is the sensational weight of no more than 39g, the unsurpassed stiffness and the super easy handling mounting and demounting the rear wheel that make the system perform like no other in the industry.

Thread insert

With the help of the thread insert, the position of the rear wheel and thus the directional alignment can be adjusted extraordinarily precisely. 

Tools on board

The Syntace X-Fix is the only tool that actually is at hand directly. The key (with the option of either 5 & 4 mm Allen key or 5 mm Allen key and Torx 25) is inserted into the rear axle and thus reachable easily at all times.