Scaled Sizing

A bike like a made-to-measure suit

There are tall riders and small riders, some with longer and some with shorter legs. There is not the one size that fits all human kind. We still have the expectation to generate the same, best possible riding experience for everybody on our bikes.

(1) Frame length instead of frame size
Strictly spoken, the frame sizes of Liteville bikes are frame lengths. This is to say that the distance between the bottom bracket and the top tube is almost identical for all frame sizes, yet the length of the frame is not. As a results riders with a long upper body yet short legs can ride a bigger or longer frame.

(2) Consequently developed: Scaled Rear End
Does it make sense to have an XXL rider have the same rear frame length as an S rider? Being consequent, every component of the frame should fit the overall frame proportionally, depen­ding on the frame length. As the only manufacturer in the industry, we use up to five different rear frame sizes and thus offer a perfectly fitting system overall. Even the travel transmission ratio for frame lengths M to XXL are adapted to usually heavier riders.

(3) Wheels fitting frames
As one out of very few manu­facturers, we take advantage of the full wheel size range available (only MTB). For example: For a S frame, we use 27.5˝ wheels, the intermediate frames come with 27.5˝ or 29˝ and XXL frames with 29˝ wheels.

(4) The made-to-measure cockpit
Syntace handlebars are available with different rises and different bents (8° and 12°, only MTB). The width of most handlebars can be adapted, too. With the 4-ONE we offer with 460mm and 500mm two different handlebar widths. Syntace stems are available in different lengths and most of them can be used up-side-down (with positive or negative angle). In com­bination with the special design Syntace spacers, the cockpit adaption becomes one single technical, ergonomic and visual unit. The Syntace grips (MTB) are available in 30 and 33 mm.

(5) EIGHTPINS seatpost with different sizes
The variable seatpost by EIGHTPINS is available in four different sizes to fit different body sizes and riding styles. The seatpost travel range stretches from 150 to 216 mm. The travel and the height adjustment can be adapted individually.

(6) 611 ERGOWAVE® Liteville Carbon
The perfect fit for the sportsman is key for maximum performance. The Liteville Edition saddles by our partner SQ-Lab are available in four different widths.

(7) Up to three different crank arm lengths
The Liteville Factory Machines come with crank arms lengths adapted to the frame length (SHIMANO 170, 175 and 175 mm; SRAM 170 and 175 mm).

(8) Pedal sizes
The Syntace NumberNine is the first ever pedal that is available not only in one single size but three proportionally different ones. Apart from the shoe size, the perfect size depends on the width of the sole of the rider’s shoe and the intended riding style.

Scaled Sizing by Liteville/Syntace.
Everything, including frame length, Scaled Rear End and different pedal sizes is to fit: every rider deserves a bike that fits perfectly, no matter their measurements.